From North Front (Gibraltar) to BAe Filton (Bristol) to Airbus (Blagnac) and even to Air New Zealand (Auckland). Not to mention all the other places in-between. Nigel began a career as an Aeronautical Engineer after graduating from Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine, London in 1997.

After a brief and exciting career as a pilot in the Royal Air Force, Nigel moved onto Flight Deck and Cockpit Design at British Aerospace (Woodford) working on early instrumentation prototypes of what would eventually become touch-screen technology on the flight deck.

Following several years of core Design work on numerous ground-breaking Airbus aircraft programmes, working out of Bristol, he later spent a number of years as an Aircraft Structural Repair specialist (a role that led him to develop a taste for globe-trotting) and numerous customer-facing roles that led him to appreciate the importance of listening to clients and always striving for the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

But it was his first journey to the South Pacific that would lead to his formative years as a Campaign Manager, helping to grow the reach and importance of a major Airline while working from some of the remotest islands on earth. Later, as Director of Branding, his experiences there would fire up his ambition to bring a growth-hacking mentality to the benefits of a much wider audience.